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“Nancy Magee has been an active, hands-on contributor to the well-being and systemic improvement of our district and many districts in the county, and for that we are all very grateful."

—Sean McPhetridge, Ed.D.,
Superintendent of Cabrillo Unified School District

Guiding Our Schools Through the Pandemic

Nancy has provided strong local, regional and statewide leadership for public and private schools throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by:

  • Facilitating teacher training for virtual learning

  • Ensuring timely vaccinations for the education workforce

  • Providing countywide templates and contracts for protocols, COVID testing and contact tracing

  • Helping San Mateo County’s 23 public school districts to remain fiscally solvent and garner necessary resources to address extraordinary needs in response to the pandemic


Supporting Diversity Among Students and Educators

Nancy has secured funding and invested targeted resources in:

  • Racial, economic and digital equity

  • Mental health supports for students and staff

  • Environmental literacy and sustainability

  • Early learning

  • Special education

  • English learner services

  • A new teacher residency program that provides alternate pathways for those with four-year degrees to complete a teaching credential to increase diversity


Enhancing Student Leadership Opportunities

  • Seated a Youth Commissioner on the County Board of Education to represent youth perspectives

  • Launched a SMCOE Student Advisory Committee to amplify youth voice and engagement

  • In partnership with the Office of Sustainability, currently supporting a second cohort of 50 youth serving as Climate Youth Ambassadors


In the next term, Nancy wants to:

  • Focus resources on deeper supports for students with disabilities and those identified as English learners

  • Recruit a diverse education workforce at all levels of service to better reflect the diversity of San Mateo County students

  • Provide leadership in achieving social, racial and environmental justice for San Mateo County schools and communities

  • Strengthen digital infrastructure, educator training and curriculum to ensure students have access to digital learning tools and opportunities for accelerated and independent learning

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